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Motorcycle rides

We specialise in motorcyle tours of Bhutan, Ladakh, Scotland and Australia. Non-riders in your family are also welcome to take part in the tour and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Yoga & wellness

Ananda is renowned as one of the World's most luxurious spa and wellness destinations. You will be pampered from head to toe! This package includes a heritage tour so you can truly experience India. Ahhh, the perfect match!


Hands up, who wants to be the next Tiger Woods? Okay, so not everyone is hugely competitive. Our golfing tours cater for beginners right through to seasoned experts. You will also be able to enjoy the local sights of the destination you choose. 


Take in the amazing wilderness that India and Africa have to offer by choosing to trek Bhutan, Ladakh, Mt Everest Base Camp or Kilimanjaro. It will be challenging so you will need to do the prep work we provide to ensure you can go the distance!

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