Nepal Tours and Trekking

It might sit in the shadow of Mount Everest, but there is more to do in this country than just trekking – book a small group tour in Nepal to find out!

World’s Most Popular Treks


Whilst the summit might be a bit beyond the average person’s reach, even relatively novice trekkers can reach Mount Everest Base Camp. The Himalayas offer ample opportunities besides Everest – our Nepal trekking tours can be crafted to suit beginners all the way through to experienced hikers, allowing you to take in the breath taking scenery from any angle.

Rich and Diverse Culture


Guided tours of Nepal are an ideal way to take in the diverse Nepalese society – alongside their own traditional culture, you’ll see Indian, Tibetan, Chinese and Mongolian influences. The best way to experience the culture is by eating! Be sure to sample traditional Nepalese cuisine during your stay, such as Kothey, Dal and Masu.


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