Guided Bhutan Tours

Relatively untouched by the outside world, Bhutan has only recently opened its borders to tourism and making guided tours of Bhutan possible.

A Wealth of Experiences


Most people choose to travel to Bhutan for the trekking – as the country has largely avoided overdevelopment, there is some truly breathtaking scenery to be enjoyed. The Tiger’s Nest monastery is a must-visit for any trekker. There is also plenty of heritage and cultural attractions to be enjoyed both before and after your trek.

Most Times of Year


The best time of year to book small group tours of Bhutan is from March to May and then September to November. This will allow you to experience the country at its best, as well as give you ample opportunity to enjoy the many festivals and ceremonies that take place here. Let us know when you would like to travel and we’ll create Bhutan tours to fit.


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