Dangerous Treks Around The World That Will Take Your Breath Away

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In recent year, trekking and hiking have seen in an increase in popularity worldwide. New safety measures, coupled with the rise in availability of extreme sports, has led many to try their hand at trekking through some of the world’s most stunning landscapes. If this sort of trip has taken your fancy, we have compiled a list of some of the most dangerous – yet beautiful – treks around the world. They will completely take your breath away!

Dangerous treks around the World

AonachEagach Scramble, Scotland


The undisputed home of mountainous craggy vistas, AonachEagach boasts the narrowest ridge on the British mainland. What makes the trek particularly formidable is that there are only two convenient ways off – the beginning and the end! So, once you start, you better be committed to finishing! This trek is definitely not for novices, nor for those who are afraid of heights – you must be prepared for anything.

Everest Base Camp Trek, Nepal


Mount Everest is fraught with perils and has claimed the lives of more than 250 people who have tried to reach its summit. The Everest Base Camp Trek is the infinitely more popular and safer alternative. Offering incredible views of Everest and surrounding Himalayan peaks, this trek offers some of the most spectacular views in the world. Good fitness levels are required for this trek, as altitude will also pose a risk.

Grand Canyon Hike, America (Arizona)


One of the most popular treks in the world, the Grand Canyon is a huge tourist attraction the world over. The trails around the canyon will take you through the multi-coloured Colorado Plateau to the Vishnu River. One of the best things about this trek is that it can really be tailored according to your abilities, so participants of all levels are welcome. The number of days taken to complete the trek can also be adjusted.

Maroon Bells, America (Colorado)


One of the most iconic mountain ranges in Colorado, Maroon Bells is also known for being one of the most photographed ranges in North America. The Bells are comprised of Maroon Peak and North Maroon Peak, which are separated by a distance of about a third of a mile. The mudstone that makes up the slopes make the route unstable at the best of times, which has given the range its nickname “the Deadly Bells”.

The Chadar Trek, India


The unique nature of this trek has seen its popularity increase significantly over the years. It literally takes you across the frozen Zanskar River, a route that has been used for trade and transport amongst local villages for centuries. It has made a name for itself due to the sub-zero temperatures, high altitude, and long walks on thin ice that you will experience. Such a journey is not for the faint hearted.

Viktorianz already offers a number of treks in some of the most dangerous and beautiful places in the world (including Everest Base Camp in Nepal and the Chadar Trek in India), which you are welcome to join. We also specialise in custom itineraries, allowing you to design a trip that ticks all your boxes. If you are interested in one of the other destinations outlined above, please contact our team and we’ll do our best to help you out.

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