Preparing for your trek to Mount Everest Base Camp

by Manoj Keshwar on 27 January 2014
Trek to Mount Everest Base Camp

For many people, the opportunity to embark on a trek to the famous Mount Everest Base Camp Trek comes along once in a lifetime. Sitting at an impressive 8848 metres tall, this is the tallest mountain in the world. To ensure that you enjoy the trek (and survive it!), it is important that you have appropriately prepared.

Less oxygen

The higher up the mountain you climb, the thinner the air becomes (around 50% of the oxygen you are used to). This means that your blood will circulate less oxygen around your body and can cause headaches. You will only know how you will react on the trek.

Ample walking

You will actually spend much of your day walking instead of sitting around at work like you are used to. It is important that you prepare for this in the preceding weeks by following a walking and running schedule – you will need to be able to walk at least 8km.

Carrying weight

Even if you have hired a porter for your trek, you will be required to carry some weight. It can be uncomfortable to carry even 3 or 5 kilograms if you aren’t used to it, so we recommend that you spend the preceding weeks slowly building the weight up.

Muscle usage

It is unsurprising that many of the muscles that will be called into action during your trek may not be used much at the moment. If you regularly work out, you should be fine; if not, you can partake in a five week program that will adequately prepare you.

Lose water

The high activity levels that you will be experiencing will cause your body to lose the water that it requires to survive. This is why you will need an action plan for keeping your body hydrated. For the trek, you will need to drink about 3 litres of water a day.

Necessary equipment

There are a number of pieces of trekking equipment that you will require to ensure that your trip is enjoyable. This will include shoes, sleeping bag, down jackets, fleece jackets, inner pants, waterproof pants, thick socks, UV sunscreen, a hat and gloves to name a few.

On top of this, it is important that you have decided on your Mount Everest Base Camp trek dates at least 8 weeks in advance so that you have ample time to prepare. Take into account each of the points that we have provided above so that your trip will be as smooth and enjoyable as possible.