Thailand : 1864 Mae Hongson Women Ride

8 Days - 8 Nights 

It’s girl power on our 8 day (8 night) bike tour for women only, letting you explore northern Thailand to the fullest

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Start/End   Chiang Mai
Total Time   8 Days
Total Distance   1250 km
Riding Days   8 Days
Breakfast   7 Included breakfasts
Daily Mileage   200

Northern Thailand, Doi Inthanon, Mae Ya Waterfall, Mae Hong Son, Tham Lod cave system, Black and White Adventure Kayaking, Pai, Golden Triangle, Mekong River, snake whiskey


Good handpicked mid - range hotels or jungle lodges on twin sharing basis

As an ode to all you Wonder Women out there, we have curated a 8 day Women Only Ride through the Iconic Mae Hong Son Loop in Thailand.

We are Viktorianz - India’s Best Road Trip Outfit. Purely Military Veterans, between ourselves, we have an experience of touring and adventure in over 25 nations. Viktorianz has led expeditions across 19 countries. And we now bring you the first time ever, All Women International Riding Expedition.

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These eight days will be an eclectic mix of Nature, Adventure and Culture. The ride through the Shan Hills will start from the bustling city of Chiang Rai to the ‘Rooftop of Thailand’ – Doi Inthonon. The 1864 hairpin bends of the Mae Hong Son Loop with its breathtaking misty mountains and lush greenery are a ‘must do’ for any road tripper of serious repute. Ride to the world's only Long Neck tribal village. Float across a mountain stream on a bamboo raft / kyak to the ancient Lod Caves. Party in the hippy and happening hamlet of Pai. Enjoy the antics of elephants up close and stay in the lush green rain forests. Visit Royal Doi Tung palace and the spotless piece of art - the White Temple. Visit the former infamous Opium capital of the world - the Golden Triangle in Chiang Rai. Cross the Mighty Mekong River to Laos to sip snake whiskey.

Shopaholics can opt to add on a 2 Day extravaganza at Bangkok.For any consultation, advice or customisation please do reach out to Kat on +91- 7024 142 707

Over 300 riders have experienced this with Viktorianz. It’s your turn now. Check out these videos for an insight.

The rugged geography of northern Thailand makes it the perfect playground for a number of pursuits whilst on women’s bike tours, from a kayaking adventure to a hike amongst the wild orchids in Mae Hong Son. As it’s surrounded by the country’s tallest mountains, you’ll find that this region is cooler than other parts (sweltering hot weather is never pleasant on Thailand bike tours for women).

Northern Thailand has some of the best biking roads in the world; our women’s motorcycle tour will take you through some absolutely stunning scenery. We will visit Chiang Mai (the largest city in the north and known for its temples), DoiInthanon (home to the country’s tallest mountain), Doi Tung (with its many royal villas), and Mae Hong Son (with its unique cultural identity).

Start - Chiang Mai
Finish - Chiang Mai
Ride Dates:

Thailand is amazing to visit throughout the year apart from the months of June to August. The weather from November to February is particularly pleasant and these enjoy popularity. The planned dates for this All Women Ride is when the kids have holidays - the 8 Day riding fun will be from - 20-28 May 2017. 

" one of the best Super Biking trip organised by Col Manoj from time memory and one down from bucket list...kudos to Victorianz Team for their Tag line YOLO ..You live only once ..keep Rocking...God Speed..way to go...Major Bhasker Khosla "

Major Bhasker K, Ghaziabad, India

" My first overseas bike trip last April 2015 along with 7 other biker friends and we rode around 2k Kms across Thailand, it was amazing experience and all credit goes to Victorianz, their back up and entire tour was organised professionally. Same group planning to do one more overseas trip with Viktorianz soon.... "

mohanraj1155, Coimbatore, India

" This ride was organize by Mr. Gary to travel by Motorcycle for five days through beautiful mountain and roads. We started from Chiang Mai to Mae Sariang, Mae Hong Son,Pai District,Golden Triangle, Chiang Rai to back Chiang Mai. This was very well Mapped out with distance and overnight stay at great hotel.This was one of the highlight after riding all day Hotel and cold Beer. The bikes ware new Model that helps a lot. The guide who was leading was very experience and he make sure everyone in group are riding safe and no one is left behind. we also had a van following us with our no need to carry any extra with you. so you can enjoy your ride.This was a great experience with Joy. I would go any adventure trip with knowledgable group and feel safe back home. Thanks. "

Manny M, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

" Made a trip with my family including my two teenaged sons to Thailand. Totally planned by Viktorianz. It was the best trip we've ever had. All details were tied up by Mike and Sarita to perfection. These guys are very professional and way above the normal tour operators like MMT, Yatra etc. No need to look any further while planning a trip abroad. Thanks guys and looking forward to our next trip with you. All the best. "

Amit P, Lucknow, India

" The Mae Hong Son Loops in North Thailand are on the bucket list of most motor cyclists...and there is no better way than to do it with VIKTORIANZ ! A beautifully crafted itinerary, end to end attention to detail,fantatstic superbikes and riding with great team make it an event of a lifetime. Some indicators :-
- You are well received.
- Excellent choice of hotels and resorts.
- Wide choice of superbikes, riding gear.
- No compromise on safety and maintenance.
- A challenging route which touches the biker, the tourist, the foodie, the party animal in you.
- Ladies and kids (my 10 year old daughter did it) can accompany. "

Gee E

Day 1 – Chiang Mai

We will receive you at Chiang Mai and arrange transfers to your hotel.

Your stay is most likely to be at Hotel Raming with whom we share a special relationship, or a similar hotel. Located in the heart of the bustling city of Chiang Mai, the hotel is a hot favourite for its hospitality and international cuisine. Furnished in the Lanna Boutique style of Northern Thai Heritage, Raming Lodge offers fabulous facilities for recreation and leisure that include sauna, massage and spa.

In the afternoon, you will pick up your mounts and familiarise with them over a short trial ride over 30 km. Pay special attention to seating height, brakes, lights and riding controls. The Expedition Commander will carry out an elaborate briefing to explain ‘Customs, Do’s and Don’ts and Riding Tips’. Please clear all doubts and clarify everything.

Chiang Mai is a bustling city, and is the cultural capital of Northern Thailand. Perfectly safe and friendly for single women, it has an active night life with a midnight market, dance and music bars. However, since we have an early morning ride, we advise discretion for tonight. You can always party on your return.

Day 2 - Doi Inthanon, Mae Sariang

After a sumptuous breakfast, we brief for today’s ride over freshly brewed coffee. We then line up for a picture, before commencing the ride of a lifetime. Incidentally, this picture before the morning’s ride is a Viktorianz tradition. And, those who miss it sponsor the day’s coffee.

Heading south from Chiang Mai on Highway 108, we will ride right up to the Doi Inthanon, called ‘the roof of Thailand’. This national park with lush green forests and an abundance of wildlife species is part of the Himalayan mountain range. There are caves, waterfalls and stunning landscape views. The crowning glory are the two stupas dedicated to the king and queen of Thailand.

With a few pit stops for coffee and refuelling, we stop for lunch at Mae Chaem. This rural town, on the western side of Doi Inthanon, is mountainous, with waterfalls aplenty! While Thai fare is superb, surprisingly for its remoteness, there are western dishes as well.

Our halt for tonight is at Mae Sariang. Do give a thorough glance over to your rides and discuss with your Expedition Commander. Our mounts are the most important piece of hardware on the ride. Your support staff will ensure that all snags and complaints are promptly rectified.

Day 3 - Mae Hongson and Karen Long Necks

We have a four hour ride today to Mae Hongson, the seat of picturesque northern province of Thailand. With marked Shan-Burmese influence, dense forests and mist-shrouded valley, the township lies in the mountainous border region of Myanmar and Thailand.

We will detour for a 40 min trip to Karen Long Neck Village. The Karen are refugees from erstwhile Burma and have a fascinating culture, and unique traditions such as wearing rings around their necks that look longer than normal. Incidentally, we will cross 9 shallow mossy mountain streams, so your riding skills will be tested. The village is an ideal place to pick up curios and souvenirs as well as fiery Shan chilli and spices.

You will discern the Burmese influence as well as Sanskrit tones in the names and architecture of the temples standing by the little lake in the southern part of Mae Hongson town.

Our stay will be at Imperial Tara Mae Hong Son Hotel, located within a teak-wood forest. The Golden Teak Restaurant serves a selection of Thai, Chinese, European and local Shan specialties, which will provide you a gourmet experience.

Day 4 – Tham Lod Caves and Pai

The breakfast spread at the Imperial Tara is considered quite lavish. After doing justice to it, we brief for today’s ride and line up for today’s group shot.

Our next stop is 75 km away at Cave Lodge near the Tham Lod cave system. You will now proceed for the Black and White Adventure Kayaking through caves with limestone and stalagmite formations– over 2 hours of first-class fun!

This 7 km descent passes through the massive 600 metre long Cave of Tham Nam Lod but ventures further downstream. We have lunch by the river. There are lots of enjoyable rapids and stunning scenery. You will have plenty of time to hone your skills and play in the rapids.

After the exhilarating kayaking ride, we have a short 40 km dash to Pai, where we will party till the wee hours of the morning. This postcard-perfect little town, a dream destination for many travellers, is tucked deep in a valley, surrounded by walls of endless mountains. Pai seems to exist in its own time zone. Here, nature is your best friend and, perhaps, chilling out while doing close to nothing is going to be your second best friend.

Pai is a favourite with backpackers and has a distinctive hippy culture. The midnight market, the dance and music bars, and numerous cafes all make up for a happy-go-lucky time.

Day 5 – Chiang Dao

After a lazy morning, considering last night’s excesses, we recommend a sumptuous breakfast.

We will then ride to Chiang Dao along the Northern Mountains, on twisty roads with lush green forests. The roads are tarred and of a high quality, but narrow. We will ride in a convoy so as to be safe. With a couple of pit stops for coffee and an en route lunch break, we aim to make it to Chiang Dao by early afternoon.

A district of Chiang Mai province, Chiang Dao refers to the main regional town, the huge limestone massif that overlooks it, and the neighbouring wildlife sanctuary as well. Dao means star in Thai — the mountain is so high it’s supposed to be on the same level as the stars themselves.

Later in the day you could wander down to the bridge over the Ping where vendors set up a small night market with stalls selling grilled chicken, sausages and som tam with sticky rice. This is a popular spot for locals. On the opposite side of the road looking onto the river you’ll also spy the Shan-style Wat Intharam.

Incidentally, tonight we present you an exclusive limited edition ‘1864 Mae Hong Son’ Tee shirt and a certificate that you have successfully completed this iconic challenge.

Day 6 - Doi Mae Salong Doi Tung & Golden Triangle

After yesterday’s relaxed activities, we set off early after breakfast. Do remember to wear your 1864 Tee, for you have rightfully earned it.

We aim to have a longish coffee break at Maekok River resort at Thaton. The town straddles the Kok River which rises in Burma and spills into the Fang valley in an easterly direction on its way to join the Mekong. The resort is a unique property that provides international students an opportunity to interact with the local Shan communities as part of their CAS syllabus. It offers a host of outdoor activities such as tenting, rock climbing, rope climbing, obstacle etc.

Thailand’s mountainous landscapes will continue to enthral us along the 140 kms ride to the Golden Triangle. We first ride up to Doi Mae Salong, a unique village in Thailand which is like a little piece of China. These descendants of the former Kuomintang Rebel fighters turned from growing poppy and producing opium to tea farming, under the directions of the Queen Mother. Besides enjoying authentic Chinese cuisine, you will taste Thailand´s best tea there.

The ride now gets back onto the winding roads to Doi Tung Royal Villa and visit the Winter Palace and the botanical garden.

The Golden Triangle, with its tales of drug running, gun running, rebellion and crime is fascinating folklore and is next on our trip. We will take a boat trip across the mighty Mekong River and hop across to a trading village in Laos. Be sure to sample the fascinating snake whiskey and pick up other curios and drinks at throwaway prices.

We will then visit the 212 House of Opium Museum for a two hour show before checking in to our accommodation. Be prepared for a fascinating trip back in time to trace the history of Opium, the wars that it spawned and the horrors that it wrecked. The fact that Thailand has beaten this scourge will enthral you.

Day 7 - Chiang Rai, White Temple & Lake Phyao

Just as in Kerala and Assam back home, elephants have been an important part of Thai culture for many centuries. Apart from their use in logging, they were used as cavalry in battle. In the many wars with Burma both the Thai and Burmese kings rode on battle elephants. Thousands of battle elephants were employed by both sides during the 300 years of intermittent war. White elephants were traditionally an important symbol of royal power in Thailand, Burma, Laos and Cambodia. The number of white elephants held by a king was a symbol of his power and prowess. A white elephant was on the flag of Siam until 1916.

We will ride today to see a mesmerizing elephant show that will bring you up close with these gentle giants. In keeping with our commitment to ethical tourism, we support such efforts where these pachyderms are treated humanely.

Our ride then moves onto Wat Rong Khun, better known as ‘the White Temple’. One of the most recognizable temples in Thailand, it stands out through the white colour and the use of pieces of glass in the plaster, sparkling in the sun. The white colour signifies the purity of the Buddha, while the glass symbolizes the Buddha’s wisdom and the Dhamma, the Buddhist teachings.

We then ride onto Kwan Phayao, the largest freshwater lake in Northern Thailand. The word “kwan” in Thai dialects means “lake”. Kwan Phayao is a natural lake with a mountain range in its backdrop.

There are historical remains of a submerged temple known as “Tilok Aram Temple” built during the reign of King Tilokarat. We will take a boat ride to see this fascinating sight.

There are numerous restaurants, bars as well as parks for people to relax. Your accommodation for tonight is a delightful homestay.

Day 8 – Tiger Kingdom and Chiang Mai

Get up to a wonderful morning, and go for a stroll on the lakefront.

After breakfast we ride out back for a short detour to the Tiger Kingdom. This is your chance to get up close with the King of the Jungle. You can see tigers in their enclosures with Buddhist Lamas, play with young cubs and even pet large tigers.

Our ride to Chiang Mai terminates as we check in at the Hotel Raming Lodge. We return our bikes and then relax. Use the time to update your phones and cameras with your memorable pictures and videos. We will present you with your limited edition ‘Chiang Mai – Mae Hong Son 1864 Jacket Patch’ and a ‘Certificate sticker’. Do wear these with pride.

Tonight, you can explore this happening city with a quaint mix of Buddhist restraint and modern hedonism.

Day 9 – Bid farewell and Fly out

After breakfast, we transfer you to your flight and bid farewell. Be sure to fix up your next riding tour with Viktorianz before you fly out. Another country next time ...

  • Reception and airport transfers to your hotel 
  • Scooter hire as per choice and availability for ride duration
  • First Aid kit and basic medicines with qualified Medical Attendant
  • Doctor on call from Gurgaon 24/7
  • Fuel for scooters and back up truck 
  • Tourist place tickets or shows en route
  • One English & Thai speaking guide cum mechanic ( TAT Certified)
  • Bed and breakfast in mid -range hotels or jungle lodges on twin sharing basis for 8 nights / 7 days
  •  We stop at women friendly places en route with special attention to wash rooms and conveniences.
  • Third party insurance of bikes
  • A back-up and logistic van for luggage, logistics etc. (Need minimum of 8 riders for this).
  • An ‘1864 Mae Hong Son – All Women Tour’ Tee shirt, a certificate, a shoulder patch and a sticker for your vehicle.
  • Personal insurances of riders. It is strongly recommended and we can advise if you so desire.
  • Air travel and visas.
  • Lunches, Dinners, drinks.
  • Repair of Damages to the bike will have to paid by rider.
  • 5% GST
  • Anything not mentioned in Inclusions.
Tour Highlights:
  • Riders should reach Chiang Mai by after-noon on Day 1 (Check In time for hotels is 2 pm).
  • Riders should plan to fly out of Chiang Mai anytime on Day 9.
  • Everyone needs to carry their riding protection gear and a full face helmet with a clear visor.
  • You are advised to book air tickets at the earliest - net tickets are cheapest.
  • We do about 200 km a day and cover approx 1250 km overall on various terrains.
  • We advise that you carry your International Driving Licence along with your Driving Licence. 
Add Ons
Total from USD
Seat in the coach following the riders
8 Days
USD 1,100
Single supplement
8 Days
USD 500

Per rider - Rs 75,000 (on twin sharing basis) for a 300 cc Automatic Scootie (upgrade to a Ninja 650/ER6n or Honda CB 500; upgrade to KS Z800 available for Rs 8000).

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