Family Tours Cambodia

Searching for the perfect family getaway? Viktorianz can help you to craft the Cambodia family tour of your dreams, ensuring that every member of the family has the time of their life

Whether you’ve been to Cambodia hundreds of times or have never been there before, this is the trip of a lifetime. No matter your interests, we can craft family holidays in Cambodia to match.

Phnom Penh

The country’s capital city may not instantly come to mind when you think of family vacations in Cambodia – it can be quite an assault to the senses – but its rich culture and history draws tourists in. The world-class food scene offers the perfect opportunity for you to introduce the kids to delicious foods they may never have tried before.

Siem Reap

This is one of the country’s major tourist hubs thanks to its proximity to the world-famous temples of Angkor. As such, it’s a must-visit location on any family tour of Cambodia. Those who have visited in the past have commented on how safe and friendly the town is – it’s the perfect base for your family if you’re intending to explore the nearby ruins.

Koh Rong

If you’d much rather spend family holidays in Cambodia lying on a beach, Koh Rong has got you covered! This is an island located off the Sihanoukville coast and is home to 43km of beach. This is still a relatively new tourist spot and the facilities are few, but there are plenty of opportunities for trekking, diving, snorkeling and – above all else – relaxing.


The country’s second most populous city, many people choose to include Battambang on Cambodia family tours because of its proximity to ancient temples, Buddhist shrines and the infamous bamboo railway. There are plenty of attractions around the city to enjoy, including Phnom Sampeu’s killing caves and the Battambang Circus.