Planning To Trek With The Kids? Important Tips To Keep In Mind

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There are generally two kinds of parents – those who wouldn’t dream of taking their kids trekking (just think of the complaints!) and those who are more than happy to bring them along. If you have decided that this is just the sort of experience your children need, we have provided a list of tips to help ensure that you all have the most enjoyable journey possible.

Trekking with the kids
  • Routes
    If you’re looking for a journey that will take you through the lush greenery of the UK with winding scenery that will leave you breathless, then there is no better choice than a motorcycle trip to the Scottish Highlands. Dotted with quaint pubs and ins, and exceptionally friendly locals, this ride will take you to the highest points of Scotland, leaving you to watch the sunset whilst enjoying a pint after a long day.
  • Pace
    This should ultimately depend on the age and sportiness of the youngest child. Most children are up for much longer walks than they’re willing to try at home. Even so, aim to stop by mid-afternoon; if you try going much longer, you’re likely to hear whining and complaints.
  • Health & Safety
    Teach your kids to drink only boiled or purified water, to keep their hands and other foreign objects out of their mouths, and to wash their hands frequently to help avoid tummy bugs. Ensure they know not to wander off, run, go too close to drop-offs and to steer clear of animals.
  • Food & Drink
    Although some kids will love trying the local cuisine (particularly if they can eat with their hands), others will turn up their noses. Fortunately, familiar Western dishes can be found in many places. A water-purifying travel cup or neutralizing powder is also handy to carry.
  • Porters
    Consider hiring a porter for each child. Most of them actually make great playmates/babysitters (despite the language barrier) and will be able to carry a child for part or even all of the trek. Ensure that any porters you hire are agile, conscientious and sober.
  • What to Bring
    Bring the same range of clothing for your kids that you’re bringing for yourself – only you should bring more and the items should be warmer. It’s also a good idea to bring along some lightweight games or toys. Keep in mind that you likely won’t need as many books as you think.

Believe it or not, many children actually enjoy trekking and it can be a great experience that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives. Not only will they have the opportunity to visit another country and immerse themselves in a culture so different to their own, they may even develop a love for treks that keeps them fit and healthy. Please contact us for a custom tour!

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