How To Plan Your Off Road Motorcycle Adventure Tour

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Once you have decided to embark on a motorcycle adventure tour, you need to begin planning – choose a location that you would most like to explore, research available tours, become aware of local customs and warnings, and know exactly what you need to bring. In the list below, we have compiled some of our top tips for ensuring that you are fully prepared for your journey:

Adventure Motorcycle Tour
  • The ‘Fatigue Factor’
    It is essential that you consider the ‘fatigue factor’ if travelling on dirt roads as a part of your tour (conditions can vary from day to day). This is because you’ll consume more energy when travelling on dirt roads than you will on sealed ones (so, you will grow tired more quickly).
  • Judge Your Abilities
    Never over estimate your riding abilities, particularly when dirt roads are common on the route. This is because these roads are not always maintained on a regular basis, so the conditions can vary. Most tours will accommodate riders of all abilities, but be honest with your guide.
  • Don’t Go Cross Country
    You should never leave a road that you’re travelling on (dirt or sealed) to go cross country, as you could easily lose sight of the road and may not be able to find it again. If you lose sight of your group, continue travelling along the road – they will stop to wait for you.
  • Carry Water
    You should always ensure that you’re carrying ample water with you, particularly when travelling during the summer. Staying hydrated is essential and the gear that you wear whilst riding has a reputation for being quite suffocating when the weather is warm.
  • Avoid Night Riding
    Try to avoid travelling at night – not only is your visibility severely impaired, any wildlife hanging around on the side of the road might be spooked by your lights. This can cause them to run across the road, right into your path, which can be disastrous.
  • Keep Speed Down
    Take it easy and try to keep your speed down, particularly when travelling on dirt roads. This will give you a chance a react to all sorts of conditions (such as dust clouds, wash outs and wild animals). The whole tour group should keep together as much as possible.
  • Morning Checks
    Before heading off in the morning, it’s a good idea to give your motorcycle a once over to ensure it’s in good working order. Check the chain tension and tire inflation in particular. You should also check the engine’s oil level after filling up with fuel.
  • Fuel Requirements
    You should always work out how long you can go before your motorcycle will run out of fuel and plan to fill up accordingly. Your tour guide will know the distance between fuel stops, so will let you know when you need to ensure you have a full tank.

The great thing about booking a motorcycle adventure tour with Viktorianz is that we will take care of a lot of these things for you. Our guides are well versed in local customs and road rules, so can help you to navigate a foreign country with ease. Some of the locations that we host tours in include: Bhutan, India, Thailand, Scotland, Southern Europe, New Zealand and Australia.

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