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Dear Friends,

It is such a wonderful opportunity to write on the first news letter from Viktorianz. As a passionate adventure enthusiast, I want to stress on inculcating adventure in children from the the young age.

I have always believed that as educationists and parents - we build the future generations of the Nation - and so we have an onus to bring them up the 'Right way' - battle ready to face every challenge in life. While it is not possible to handhold them through life, but we can sow the seed - by exposing him to a healthy way of living their lives - Adventure comes handy here.

Children Today


The lifestyle problems that the modern world imposes on our children is quite known to us. WHO study says that the most serious public health problem of the twenty first century is - the childhood obesity - caused by sedentary lifestyle and junk food. The busy parents have lesser time to devote to children. As a result children remain indoors, overly indulge in gadgets, have lesser opportunities to build social skills, become more self centered - impatient - intolerant or lazy. The schools thus play an increasingly large role in shaping the personality of students to be wholesome - and provide them with skill-sets to manage their life better. At VIKTORIANZ we have a well thought out, multi-disciplinary outdoor education camp - which imparts experiential learning in a changed setting. Even if done once a year, it can really make a huge difference in sowing the seed of facing challenges in life.

Outdoor Education Centre


With our decades of hands-on experience in education and adventure space, we bring you a unique combination of a multi-disciplinary outdoors education camp in ethnic North Thailand. It is the best outdoor education centre, in Asia and among the finest in the World. There are more than 100 schools that have availed of this opportunity from US, UK, Australia, Canada, Russia, Middle East, Kazakhstan, Egypt, Japan, Singapore, Hongkong and Thailand.

For the fist time in India, Viktorianz bring you this unique World class outdoor education center - for an annual outdoor camp. We must prepare our children for challenges of future - this Camp is tailor made to do that - You will see the difference.

Col Mike, CEO & Founder, Viktorianz ?

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