Motorcycle Tours

If you want to see and feel the world there is nothing like a road trip - drive in a car or a motorcyle. We specialise in road trips in Asia, but also have tours in Scotland, Australia and New Zealand. Looking for road trip in India, Thailand, Bhutan or somewhere else entirely? You’ve come to the right place!


When you book adventure motorcycle tours with Viktorianz, it’s time to prepare for a truly life changing experience. Ride through awe-inspiring scenery, immerse yourself in the local culture and enjoy the thrill of living on the edge (sometimes quite literally!). Motorcycle adventure touring is the perfect way to escape.

We specialise in motorcycle tours of Asia, taking you to places like the Himalayas and Bhutan. Our Indian adventure tours are particularly popular, allowing riders to experience the rich culture of India and visit some of the world’s most famous heritage sites, like the Taj Mahal.

Whether you’re interested in motorcycle camping or staying in luxury, we can craft a tour to meet your needs. We arrange all accommodation for you, ensuring that you have the most enjoyable experience possible. You could have all your belongings in a backup logistic van or they may fit into your saddlebags – we have all the formats for the rides.

For more information about motorcycle tours in India, Thailand, Scotland, Australia or New Zealand, get in touch with us today!

castles coastline culture wine cities

Spain & Portugal : Road Trip

This in a nut shell is the awesome tour of South Western Spain and Portugal.

womens ride north thailand

Thailand : 1864 Mae Hongson Women Ride

As an ode to all you Wonder Women out there, we have curated a 8 day Women Only Ride through the Iconic Mae Hong Son Loop in Thailand. One of the top riding destination in the World.

sikkim is the hermit kingdom removed from world

Sikkim : Soulful 8 Day Ride

8 days, from USD 1,900

Sikkim is a mystical wonderland of spectacular natural beauty.The panoramic perfection of snow-capped Himalayas,the heady aroma of rhododendron groves makes it a holiday that is at once challenging.

ladakh ride is one of toughest rides in world

Ladakh : Leh Tour on Royal Enfields

8 days, from USD 1,900

It has been on top of your adventure bucket list and you are short of time! Here is the ride exactly for you, crafted for you. Experience a life, beyond 10,000 ft. Book this now ...


Bhutan : Ride to Kingdom of Happiness

Have you ever heard of a nation, secretly tucked in Himalayas, focused on Gross National Happiness rather than Gross Domestic Product? Come to Bhutan, pursuing HAPPINESS, beyond the 'Rat Race'

the toughest motorcycle rides in world are in himalayas

Ladakh : Great Himalayan Motorcycle Tours

Adventure enthusiast? Come endure the tough terrain, breath air above 10,000 ft, ride to World's highest roads, see emerald blue lakes & a lot more. Are you ready for the riding challenge this summer

aspire explore ride the southern europe roads

Europe : Southern Europe Motorcycle Ride

This is an awesome riding experience in Southern Europe covering some of the most ancient and iconic cities.

nature blessed vistas of scotland

Scotland : Highlands & Isle of Man Ride

11 days, from USD 4,900

What a combination - Scotland Ride, arguably the most nature blessed place on Earth! And Isle of Man TT races, the most dangerous sporting event that a biker would ever witness - 200+ mph!

deserts palaces dances culture lakes of Rajasthan

Rajasthan : The Royal Ride

Explore the Royal heritage and culture of Rajasthan on the Royal Enfields

great riding destination for bikers of world

New Zealand : Motorcycle Nirvana Ride

The most spectacular natural vistas unfold as you take this ride in South Island of New Zealand, the adventure capital of the World.

most unique cultural festival see the unknown tribes cuisines dances

North East India and Hornbill Ride

11 days, from USD 2,100

An affair with the North-East

north thailand is the greenest part of thailand a bikers paradise

Thailand : Phu Chi Fah Ride

Golden Triangle and Pu Chi Pha, in North East Thailand beckons every superbiker. If you have done the 1864 Mae Hongson loop, then this should be next on your list of rides in Asia.

chiangmai is full of adventure nature culture

Thailand : Chiang Mai Oddesey

This is the most sought after Superbike ride in South East Asia. 1864 Hairpin bends of Mae Hongosn loop and the famous Golden triangle, make it a 'must do' for a super rider of substance. Zoom out ...

ride the best roads of australia

Australia: Sydney Melbourne Ride

This is a riding experience planned in most happening South East coast of Australia

Do you love the feeling of the wind in your face, rushing by as your motor down the highway?
Our motorcycle and SUV tours are the perfect way to see the scenery up close

Whether you’re a motorbike veteran or you’ve never sat astride one before, this is an experience that many people will never have in their lifetimes. Viktorianz can help make this happen with our range of adventure motorcycle and SUV Tours which take you past some of the best scenery in the world.


We offer motorcycle tours of India, Himalayas, Bhutan, Sikkim, Scotland with Isle on Man TT Races, Thailand (Chiang Mai), Southern Europe, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand (South Island). We pride ourselves on embarking on some of the most iconic trans-border road journeys in the world. We recently launched a 20,000 km road trip from India to Scotland - traversing most of Asia and Europe. Our tours range in length from 6 days through to 60 days, but we can also customise the route of your choice to meet your desired schedule. Road trips around the World are our forte.


You will be provided with a motorbike as a part of your tour fee. On motorbike tours in India, you will be provided with the very popular, retro styled, 500cc Royal Enfield. On the Himalayan rides (such as Bhutan,Ladakh, Spiti Valley, Sikkim, North East India and Nepal) we favour either the Royal Enfield or the KTM Duke 390. And in most of the other destinations around the World (Scotland, Europe, Thailand, South Africa and New Zealand) you will be allocated a Kawasaki Ninja or Versys, Suzuki DL650 VSTORM, BMW G650GS, Honda VT750 or a bike of your choice. It’s not uncommon for riders to ask for GS1200s on our Europe and Scotland Rides.


For most motorbike tours in India and beyond, the driver’s license that you hold in your home country will be sufficient. If you will be travelling for an extended period of time, however, you may be required to obtain an international driving permit (which can be applied for before your trip). It is important to note that you must be licensed to ride a motorcycle in your home country.


You are required to bring your own personal riding gear for bike tours of India and beyond, however, we may be able to arrange hire gear for you if required. Whilst many people prefer to use gear that they are comfortable and familiar with, others will bring only the bare essentials and purchase any other pieces (such as gloves) upon arrival.